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CD player για DJs - Πλατώ άμεσης οδήγησης Quartz - Πλήρεις δυνατότητες scratch - Αναπαραγωγή και με αντίστροφη περιστροφή - Υποδοχή κάρτας μνήμης SD - Έλεγχος Pitch (+/-8, 16, 33, 50%) - Aτέρμονη αναπαραγωγή και άλλα εφφέ διαθέσιμα πάνω στο πλατώ - Αναπαραγωγή CD, CD-R/-RW, MP3, AAC


  Classic Technics Direct-Drive Motor
Traditional Vinyl Characteristics
Cue/Cue Bank/Cue/Pads
Sample Pads/Sample Looping
More features

Classic Technics Direct-Drive Motor
The Technics Direct-Drive system, which incorporates the platter as an actual component of the motor, was introduced with the SP-10 in 1969 as a way to eliminate the drag, inevitable breakage and slow start-up speeds associated with belt-driven players. With the reliable rotation, instant response and long life you have come to expect from Technics analog models, the SL-DZ1200 boasts the same quartz crystal controlled Direct-Drive that has been the choice of professional DJs for over thirty years.

Traditional Vinyl Characteristics
It's easy to adjust to the SL-DZ1200. With adjustable break and start-up speeds, a 10" platter, vinyl simulation effects and slip surface combined with its familiar look & feel, the SL-DZ1200 sounds and responds just like your analog decks.

Cue/Cue Bank/Cue/Pads
The SL-DZ1200 lets you find a cue point, save it and return to it at the touch of a button. Four self-illuminating cue pads allow you to set, save and seamlessly cue from exactly the point of your choice. It can memorize 50 sets (more if stored on an SD card) of 10 cue points as individual "albums." Each "album" also stores your settings for the four cue pads, loop points, auto cue condition and effects. As soon as your SD memory card or disc is loaded, your pre-saved settings are instantly available.

Sample Pads/Sample Looping
Sample pads allow for editing, overlapping and playing back multiple samples. By sampling musical phrases, using the editing function to set the In and Out points, looping and mixing various samples, you can play the SL-DZ1200 like an instrument and use it to create original compositions.

SD Memory Card
The SD memory card is a removable, reusable device about the size of a postage stamp, and is capable of holding hours of media. Using the SZ-CB8 SD Audio Recording Kit1, you can store your samples, scratches, breaks—even whole albums—and play an entire set using just a couple SD memory cards.

Easy To Read Central Display
The big, easy to read central display lets you know your exact BPM, elapsed time, and remaining time, as well as other track and play data. Adjust the display angle for easy reading in traditional or battle style play.

Vibration Resistant Design
A heavy, die cast aluminum body, rugged CD mechanism and double spring insulator feet provide exceptional vibration resistance.

Pitch Lock
Change the tempo of a track without affecting its pitch throughout the DZ-1200's entire (±8-±50) pitch range.

Switch from forward to backwards play, and then back again without missing a beat. And you can adjust the precision to suit your needs--use the "Instant Change" button to make the switch instant, or flip it off to drag, stop and spin-up the track.

Free Wheel
Not available on jog dial CD decks, this feature gives you the ability to free wheel or coast like on an analog deck with the push of a button.


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