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This groundbreaking module redefines the standard for the contemporary live entertainer. With full colour touch screen this is the perfect companion for the all round performer. With full multimedia support (Midi, Wav, MP3, MP4, Jpg, Pics, Karaoke and DVI) there will be very few gigs you are unprepared for! High quality KETRON sound card, arranger section, Vocalizer, Juke Box, HD recording and advanced USB and SD file management your diary is sure to be full. You can even plug in your guitar and microphone and run these through the pro-effects unit for the complete solution to any solo entertainer. Watch this space!

Ideal for the Solo Entertainer/Performer
Full Multimedia Support
Stereo Drum Kits with Live Drum Modeling
Support Midi and Audio Drums
Microphone & Guitar inputs with effects
HD Recording
Full Colour Touch Screen
Display : Lcd color Tft 7”- Touch sensitive. 800 x 480 dots.
Multimedia Player : Player 1- Player 2. Wav. Midi. Mp3. Mp4. Avi. Cdg. Jpg. Txt.
Functions : Marker. Sync/Next. Autoplay. Lead Mute. GM part. Lyric Off. Cross fade. File Search. Play List. My Folder. Transposer. Time stretching. Metronome Click.
Polyphony : 128 note. Multitimbral 32 parts.
Dvi : Video Monitor. Karaoke Lyric / Mirror.
Menu : Disk. Midi. Play Modes. Audio Edit. Language. Footswitch. Preferences. Controls. Video. Reg. set up.
Media : Internal Storage: SSD Card 16G. External Storage: SD Card - Mmc, HD. USB: 3 Host + 1 device. PC connect. Disk Edit. Info. Refresh. Eject.
Sound :  512 Voices with 4 Sound Banks. 47 Drum Sets, 248 Audio Drum Loops. Live Drum Modeling. Drum Remap.
Preset Voices :  320 programmable Voices. 2nd Voice. Lead slider volume.
Controls :  Volume. Shift. Pan. Tune. Effects. Velocity switch. Portamento. Legato. Slide. Morphing. Harmony. Efx Insert.
Arranger : Style section with Audio Drums, Midi Drums & Grooves. Arranger : Bass, 5 Chords, 2 Lowers. Styles slider volume controls and Balance. Drum Mixer & Remap. Drum filter. Auto fill. Fill to Arrange. 3 Orchestral Variations. Variation to Groove. 4 Arranger ABCD. 4 Fill. 4 Break. 3 Intro. 3 Ending. Restart. Pause. Count In. Re-Intro. Key Start. Key Stop. Split. User Styles. 4 Voice Set programmable. Voice to ABCD.
Play Modes :  Pianist. Bassist. Manual Bass. Bass to root. To lowest. Octave. Harmony.
Registrations : 4 Bank x 999 Regs.
Ram Sound :  64 MB Ram. (for loading custom samples)
Dsp : Chorus. Reverb. Flanger. Phaser. Tremolo. Rotary. Echo Delay. Tap Delay. Equalizer. Distortion. Amp simulator. Compressor. Filter. 48 EFX Insert. 16 programmable Insert Chains.
DJ : Double Audio and Midi player. Tempo & Pitch stretching. PFL. Sync. Tap tempo. Cue. Fx Pad. Backspin. Brake.
Juke Box : Play List. My Folders. SFX Special Effects.
Pic&Movie: Jpg&Mp4. Karaoke background. Movie to Rgb. Pic list. Autoshow.
HD Record:  1 Stereo track recording.
Micro 1 : XLR. Gain control. Volume. Reverb. Micro Edit. Talk.
Micro 2 : Gain control. Micro / Guitar Input select. 32 programmable Guitar Effect set up. User slider.
Voicetron :  3 Voice Vocalizer.
Midi :  In, Out, Thru.
Out :  Left/Right Stereo. Pedal volume. Micro Out.
Input : Micro 1, Micro 2. Line In Stereo. Headphone.
Optionals :  Footswitch 6 or 13. Volume Pedal. Bag.
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