WUHAN (S) 16

WUHAN (S) 16" Crash

Επαγγελματικό χειροποίητο πιατίνι 16" Crash
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WUHAN® has taken the best elements of that "Old World" sound and added distinctive "New World" characteristics. The result is the new Shining S series. Like the original Wuhan's, shining S Series cymbals are hand-cast and hand-hammered. Then they're carefully lathed to create thin to medium-thin cymbals with dark, rich tonalities and satisfying warmth. 

Unlike their siblings, they are carefully hand-buffed to a gleaming shine. This buffing creates a striking visual effect that is sure to catch any audiences attention. But it's far more than just a cosmetic treatment. The buffing process boosts the Shining S Series cymbals' shimmering high end and clarity, adding to their presence and projection. 

The Wuhan S Series cymbals retain all their depth of tone, sustain, and underlying body. The result is a musicali

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