That's Schaller!

We apply the same set of values to our products as you would expect from your instrument: Quality, precision, reliability and innovation.

Schaller - The Original Innovators

Schaller - The Original InnovatorsWe at Schaller are the original innovators, and have molded and shaped the development of guitar hardware like no other company.

Have you ever asked yourself why our M6 machine heads are called M6, or why our S6 pickups are called S6? The "M" stands for "Machine head" and the "6" denotes 6 units; the "S" stands for "Single coil", and the "6" denotes that the pickup is for 6-string guitar. Many others would like to have this product code, but Schaller has it - because Schaller was the first, the pioneer.

The spirit of innovation has now been alive for decades, and has given birth to pioneering inventions such as the tremolo, the locking machine head, Security Locks and our "Hannes" bridge.

We always want to remain a step ahead of the rest - after all, your satisfaction is our goal, and we don't want you to have to settle for anything less than perfection.

Schaller - The trademark!

Schaller - Die MarkeWhat musician is not familiar with the unmistakable Schaller logo? The famous Schaller "S" is both a seal of quality and a trademark, but also a promise - the promise to supply you with nothing but the highest quality products. This means that each product has to go through a complex quality inspection at the end of each stage in production. As we said before, a good name brings obligations with it!

Every musician associates the Schaller brand with the highest standards of quality and the finest in innovative engineering work.

Are we resting on our laurels? Certainly not. After all, we have to keep the promise we made to you.

Schaller stands for quality, innovation, precision, craftsmanship and reliability. The brand is what makes the difference!

Schaller Quality

Schaller QualitätThe name Schaller represents uncompromising quality from the very start.

How much string tension can a machine head withstand while still maintaining tuning stability? How many times can the mechanism of a Security Lock be opened and closed while still keeping the guitar firmly attached to the strap? No detail escapes our attention - everything is constantly being tested, and then tested again.

Every component used in our products is manufactured with the highest degree of precision, ensuring extreme durability and reliability.

"Made in Germany" remains an internationally recognized seal of quality for products of distinguished quality and innovative, cutting-edge technology. We make it our unconditional duty to uphold this.

Schaller Precision

Schaller PräzisionFor us, a machine head is not "only" a machine head. For us it is a concerto of high-precision individual components, innovative functions, multiple coatings and highly robust, elegant finishes. Our goal can only be achieved if all of the countless matching components and craftsmanship are perfectly in tune with one another:

Durability, great tone, tuning stability, ergonomic and elegant design, in short everything that makes it a joy to play.


Schaller - the secret of top-quality finishes

Schaller - das Geheimnis hochveredelter OberflächenMachine heads have to withstand a whole lot. Mechanical friction, sweat, temperature changes, string tension - but the surface still needs to look great after years of use.

The secret lies in our hi-tech, computer-controlled galvanizing process. The difference-maker is what the naked eye can't see. A special, precision-controlled layer structure and the finest materials come together to produce a surface that is both high-quality and also extremely durable and resistant to both scratches and sweat.

The product is polished both before and after - once for the bottom layer which holds everything together, and again for a high shine; all in all a complicated production technique which even our specialists have had to spend years mastering.

Schaller Service

Schaller ServiceSiYou want to do business with someone competent? No problem! We produce high quality products, but if - against expectations - something doesn't work, we are only too happy to help you.

Whether it's a technical problem, a small mishap or a missing spare part - we will make sure you're back to making music and having fun again in no time.

With Schaller, what matters most to you is in the best possible hands.

Simply write to us using the contact form under "Contact" - we will reply as quickly, competently and unbureaucratically as possible.


Schaller GarantieYou want your Schaller products to work with the same precision and look just as classy as they did the first day you got them?

So do we. We're musicians too, with more than 65 years' experience - longer than anyone else.
All of Schaller's products are manufactured completely in-house in the company's production facilities - 100% Made in Germany.

Because of this, we trust in our products and - provided they're used correctly - provide a lifelong guarantee on them.

We want it to remain that way, which is why we only employ highly qualified personnel to work at Schaller. Our specialists are trained according to Germany's highest standards. You can be assured that - for your benefit - we know our products inside and out.

Schaller Club

Schaller Club und ArtistsWhere do all the innovations and patented Schaller products actually come from?

We obtain ideas both from our wealth of experience, accumulated over the course of more than 65 years, but also from our customers' suggestions and inventions.

Schaller carries out a broad spectrum of background research in its own development department, staffed by highly qualified technicians and engineers.

If a product does not meet our expectations, then the research and testing continues until it does.

This cooperation with you and with numerous well-known musicians and manufacturers from around the world is the foundation on which the further development of our products is based. We are pleased to be working with you!


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