About Flavoreeds and the Flavoreeds Company...

After eight years of research, the Flavoreeds Company perfected a method for coloring and flavoring a cane reed so that it was pleasant tasting and pleasant looking without changing the playing characteristics of a premium reed. Students will moisten a Flavoreed thoroughly because they have such a pleasant flavor. To play well, reeds do not have to taste bad.

Some Dealers have suggested to us that the reeds play so well because the flavoring and coloring actually fill the pores of the cane. Players get the same results when they rub the reeds with their fingers to remove air and moisture from the pores. Flavoreeds are manufactured from select French cane and are packaged in twinpaks for Clarinet and Alto Sax, and in tripaks for Tenor Sax. Available in ten different flavors and five strengths from 1.5 to 3.5, Flavoreeds are helping make music fun again.


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