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Αυτοενισχυόμενος μίκτης 2*700W, 12 mono καναλια + 4 stereo καναλια, διπλό εφφέ.

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12 mono ch. + 4 stereo ch. = 20; 2×160-prg. stereo multieffect processors


Professional mixers with new dual stereo multieffects processor (205 programs each)

  • The Montarbo SX Series is designed for the discerning user who requires flexibility and control from mixing board of greatest ease of operation. Ideal for live applications, the SX Series models are true multipurpose machines that can be used on stage, in conference halls or in the recording studio. Three frame sizes are available to meet the user´s precise requirements.
  • Every mono input channel is equipped with balanced XLR mic input and unbalanced Jack line inputs (+ insert) and with 3-band EQ with parametric control of the mid-range.
  • Every stereo input channel is equipped with balanced XLR mic input and two unbalanced jack line inputs for stereo instruments and of 3-band EQ.
  • Every channel features 4 auxiliary sends, 2 of them switchable pre/post fader and usable as monitor sends or as external effects sends; 2 effect sends volumes; channel’s main on/off switch; peak LED indicator and volume fader.
  • 48V switchable phantom power supply (on 4 mono channels in the SX17 and SX18, on 6 in the SX19).
  • New dual stereo multieffects processor (based on a 56-bit internal DSP and 24-bit Delta-Sigma conversion) with a 4 times faster computing speed. New algorithms, running on powerful, latest generation´s DSP, emulate the acoustic characters of various ambient, and a new series of programs is available to enhance the acoustic character of various instruments. Each one of the two built-in effects processors provides 205 high quality programs (with effects of: Early, Stereo Gen, Ping Pong, Halo, Delay, Detune, Flanger, Chorus, Ambience, Chamber, Room, Hall, Cathedral, Plate, Plate Dly, Big Space, EcoRev, Concert, Live, Gate Inside a Box , Living Room, Ptc Rev, Pitch, Distance, a group of effects for specific instruments Vox – Flute – Trumpet – Sax – Brass – Keybrd – Piano – Gtr – Drum – Toms – Cymb – Hihat – Kick – Snare – Tom and the ‘classic´ Montarbo effects Echo, Echo+Reverb, Voice Reverb, Halo+Reverb) all carefully tailored to today’s music production requirements. They also provide high performance digital audio processing combined with extremely easy operation. The effects are independently routable to master L/R and aux/monitor outputs. The 2-line (E1/E2) Liquid Crystal Display makes them extremely easy to use.
  • 10-band stereo graphic Equalizer.
  • 2 aux/monitor lines (pre-fader / post-eq) each with 3-band equalizer + parametric control of the mid frequencies and volume fader.
  • 2 auxiliary lines (pre/post-fader) with level controls.
  • 2 effect sends with level controls, 2 stereo returns (each with gain and volume controls for the aux/monitor sends and the L/R master outputs).
  • L/R Control room outputs with independent volume (provide a duplication of the master outputs signal). These outputs are useful to feed your nearfield monitors while playing or recording, or to feed a separate second PA while performing to allow for different sound levels for different audiences.
  • Mono output (independent volume) useful also as third monitor line.
  • Stereo in/out sockets (PIN) for tape recorder with input level control.
  • Stereo phones output with level control.
  • Dimensions
    SX18: 73×10,5×56,2 cm
  • Weights
    SX18: 16 Kg
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